Scott mcdermand II

Pastor (Teaching Elder)

Pastor Scott and his wife Vicki were both born and raised in San Diego, California where they went to the same High School. He worked several jobs while going to college and seminary, including an internship at New Life Presbyterian Church of La Mesa and full-time pulpit supply at Alpine Presbyterian Church.

He graduated from San Diego State University (BA, History) and earned masters degrees at Westminster Seminary California (MAHT, MDiv). He has a passion for preaching and teaching the Word of God, Biblical theology, Church History, and enjoying fellowship with the people of First Presbyterian Church.

In his free time, he enjoys baseball, reading, classical music, eating whatever his wife cooks for him, and walking their two dogs. Scott and Vicki look forward to meeting you, so come and join us for one of our community groups or for worship on the Lord's Day!


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Ruling Elder & Clerk of the Session

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