First Presbyterian Church
112 E. Woodworth Street, Bad Axe, MI  48413
 Church phone: 989-269-7161
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The Session and Committees
First Presbyterian Church is governed by a group of Elders known as the Session.  Programming responsibilites are delegated to the following committees.  If you have any questions, please contact the appropriate chairperson.
Jim Philp, Clerk of Session

Session members:
Wayne Copeland                 Jim Holtrop
Mark Green                          Dennis Meinke                Jim Philip                             Kim Ziel
Virginia Tageson, Chairperson

Committee members:
Linda Herndon                                     Jim & Carol Holtrop
Kim Kerr                                                Denice Palmer
Gina Patterson                                      Kim & Tracy Ziel
Finance Committee
Joy Kerr, Chairperson

Committee members:
Mary Krohn, Treasurer                Mike Patterson                                 
Jim Philp                                         Ann Thaut
The Session
Christian Education Committee
Mission Strategy Committee
Wayne Copeland, Chairperson

Committee members:
Jim Holtrop                                               Gail Pankratz
Bonnie Perry                                              Ann Thaut
Memorial Committee
Mark Green, Chairperson
989-269-6319  and

Committee members:
June Edwards                                   Dennis Meinke

Office Administrator
Linda Herndon
989-269-7359   and   989-551-7359
Sunday School Staff
Tracy Ziel, Superintendent, 989-375-2525    

Pre-K-1st grades:   Virginia Tageson, w/helper Linda Herndon
2nd-6th grades:      Pat Patterson, w/helper Kim Kerr
Pianists:   Michelle Green and Jim Braun